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Date Heading
2009-03-05 Discounted SPAC Warrants Have Long-Term Upside
2009-01-02 IPO VIEW-Cheap acquisitions may be SPACs' last chance
2008-05-31 Chinese companies hope SPACs lead to U.S. listings
2008-05-29 Liberty Lane won't proceed with IPO; cites market conditions
2008-02-18 The New Way To Make Deals: Blank Checks
2008-01-30 Financiers to list cash shell on Euronext
2008-01-07 Wall Street Peddles Blank-Check IPOs as Returns Trail S&P 500
2007-12-18 Blank-cheque buyers
2007-12-17 Blank check companies amassing big war chest
2007-12-16 Safety first with SPAC's
2007-11-26 'Blank checks' write own ticket
2007-11-13 Surging 'Blind Pools' Target Acquisitions
2007-10-05 "Blank-check" IPOs: Under the radar, but lucrative
2007-10-04 Hicks Draws Eager Investors with 'blank-check' IPO
2007-10-04 This IPO is a Blank Check
2007-07-19 Pan-European Hotel - First SPAC Floated in Continental Europe Raises 115M Euro
2007-06-27 'Blank check' Company Appoints Quayle Ahead of Float
2007-06-15 Tom Hicks Seeks $400M Blank Check
2007-04-23 Former Media Executives Give New Life to Blank Check Corporations
2007-02-01 SPAC Investors are Asked to Buy in on - Faith
2006-12-01 SPACs: A Focus on China
2006-09-22 Amaranth, a Slave to Fashion, Loaded Up on Spacs